“WT4H Camp will forever have an impact on my life. As a camper and teen leader, I made life long friends, learned leadership skills, and made wonderful memories. The 8 summers I spent there are 8 summers that I will treasure for the rest of my life.”


As a parent sending her child to sleep away camp for the first time I was a mess. The staff was incredibly understanding and supportive. They knew exactly who my daughter was when I called and she had an amazing time. After the first 2 days I knew I had nothing to worry about. She […]


This sleep away camp was one of the best experiences of my life. You make more friends than you could ever imagine. The counselors are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and I can’t wait to go back this Summer!  It’s memories that will last a lifetime! Alexa U


If I could I would live at camp. It’s one of the most special places on earth to me. I have so many happy memories from there. For example I had my birthday at camp. Almost everybody said happy birthday to me. I felt important. Someday I’m going to send my kids to camp and […]


4H was my daughter’s first sleep away camp experience last summer and she adored it.  She loved the independence, the counselors and the food.   She has requested (as in begged) to go back for two weeks this year.  All of her stories she has shared involved something kind or comforting a counselor did.  She […]


“On the last day of camp, my daughter looked at me and asked, ‘How many more days until can go back?’” ~ J. Craig


My very favorite thing at the camp last year was my councilor Daniel. He was hilarious. Everyone in the cabin was repeating his sayings for the entire week and longer. The biggest joke in our cabin was fat monkeys. We would make spinoffs of that every time we had roll call and we had to […]


An opportunity to meet new people

“Camp is important to me because it’s an opportunity to meet new people from all walks of life, and camp is the place where I learn the most about myself and others. It is a place where I grow every year and a place where I’m truly happy. If I had to pick one aspect […]

A fun, safe environment

“Camp is a fun, safe environment for my kids.” – Parent

Enjoy the outdoor with no electronics

“It gives the kids the freedom to enjoy the outdoors and be with kids their own age with no electronics.” – Parent