Getting Started

It is your week at the Windham Tolland 4-H Camp. You can have lots of fun, do and learn many things and meet new friends. Before arriving at camp, here are some things you and your parents have to do to get you ready for camp.

1.  Choose a Camp Program

You and your parents have to pick one of the summer camp programs. If you have never been to camp before you may want to try the Clover Program as an introduction to camp life. If you are ready for a full week of camp life chose either the Resident/Overnight or the Day Camp.

2. Choose Your Week & Camp Activities

Each week has a different theme at the Windham-Tolland 4H Camp. Look at our Theme Week & Activities page so you can choose the activities you wish to take part in during your week at camp.  Each activity has a link so you can find out what you’ll be doing. Campers will choose activities that do not have an added cost after they arrive at camp.

3. Review Camp Policies & Daily Camp Schedule

The Daily Camp Schedule will let you know how your day will go. This schedule is for Resident/Overnight campers, but also applies to Day campers from 8 AM until 5 PM.

Not sure what to bring to camp? Download our “What to Bring to Camp” list.

Every camp has rules for you to follow for your health and safety. Our camp policies outline the rules you should know so that you do not bring anything to camp that is not permitted.  Food is very plentiful and you should have plenty to eat while you are at the camp. If you are taking medication be sure to download the special medications form with your papers for registration, BUT don’t bring any medication to camp that is not prescribed by your doctor.

Sometimes campers get lonely while at camp. We encourage you to write to home and ask your parents and family to send mail to you, but you will not be allowed to use the phone.  No visitors are allowed during the week. Your WHOLE family is encouraged to come to the Closing Ceremonies on Friday night. Day campers and their families are encouraged to stay for these ceremonies as well.

4. Register for Camp

Now that you’re all excited about camp, there are some things you need to do and to help your parents or guardians do. You need to register for camp. You will need to bring ALL COMPLETED CAMP FORMS to register.

Need help registering or filling out camp forms?  Check out our Camp Registration page.

Be sure you have the directions for getting to and for leaving camp. Then you should be ready to register for camp.Have fun and enjoy camp. Find all the wonderful places and meet new friends. See you at camp!